Summer Music Making Initiative

We have been inspired by all the new music videos from our community, but we’ve noticed that there aren’t many opportunities for students to participate. So, we are releasing four new videos that feature YOU!

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Video Schedule

Hey Jude
(The Beatles)

June 15 – Parts Available
June 21 – Video Due
June 29 – Video Premiere

Bad Guy
(Billie Eilish)

June 29 – Parts Available
July 5 – Video Due
July 13 – Video Premiere

It Don’t Mean a Thing
(Duke Ellington)

July 13- Parts Available
July 19 – Video Due
July 27 – Video Premiere

Video Game Medley

July 27 – Parts Available
August 2 – Video Due
August 10 – Video Premiere

Video Game Medley

Video submission due by August 2

Choose a part that you feel matches your skillset and download the sheet music. Download the click track, as well.

How to record your video submission

Never recorded a video like this before? No worries! Check out this tutorial to learn everything you need to know about participating. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @fivequartet.

Quick Tip #1

Use headphones to listen to the click track while recording. That way we only hear you and not the click track!

Quick Tip #2

Record your video in landscape and center yourself in the frame. This will ensure your video looks great and matches with everyone else!

Submit your video

Tap the “Upload Video” button to upload the video to our Dropbox.

Tap the “Info Form” to tell us how to tag you in the video.

Tap “Contact Us” if you have any trouble.